Mystery Dinner Kits

Can fund raisers be fun raisers? Absolutely!

Wesleyan Thespian Mystery Dinner Kits include scripts, clues, solutions and detailed instructions on how to present mystery dinner performances for your school, church, community group or organization.

Each mystery dinner kit is complete with scripts and directions, and all your group needs to provide are the actors/actresses along with a director and a detective!

Your dinner guests try to guess the identity of the villain from clues provided by the cast.

Mystery dinners can be performed in a local restaurant, your own cafeteria, meeting room, or auditorium.

Since the inception of Mystery Dinner Kits in 1994, more than 1,500 Wesleyan Thespian Mystery Dinners have been staged all across the United States as well as performances in Canada, Germany and Japan. It's estimated that churches, schools and other nonprofit organizations have successfully raised over $1,000,000 through this unique fundraising approach.

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